Magnificent Double Exposure Tattoos

Double exposure is a photography effect trending in artistic photography, using technique in which two images are captured and combined into a single image.
Double exposure photography is not a new direction and we saw it in works of many photographers: surrealistic female portraits (superimposing portraits of gorgeous ladies with breath-taking landscapes and cityscapes) by Antonio Mora, ink collectors preferring Nature (superimposing portraits of gorgeous wild animals and forest landscapes) by Adreas Lie. But double exposure is also very close of surrealistic tattoos that often mix several designs in one. Double exposure tattoos can make true custom ink for people wanting something poetic, original and superb…
While it’s technically not real double-exposure, this style of art became incredibly popular after the tv series “True detectives” used it in their intro. After hundreds of artists experimented with double exposure photography, seeing it enter the tattoo world is something fresh!
Wroclaw-based Ukrainian tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov merges together outlines of animals, insects, feathers, and more and fills them in with vibrant scenes often made up of colorful flowers or other foliage and the result is beyond gorgeous and magnificent!

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